Friday, October 28, 2011

Kpop Digital Art by Me

Hi Friends,
Today I will be sharing some digital art I did of my favorite Kpop Idols. As you all know that I am a lot inspired by Korean Industry so that was the reason which inspired me to do some digital art related to my favourite idols. 
My first try with shinee: I used a software to create these images. I used the simple laptop's mouse to create it. I wanted to start making cartoons digitally but unfortunately I right now do not have much funds to start working on it. So, these days I am doing hand painted or hand made fan art which is in my budget too.

My very first digital art. I was making Onew.Once I started working on these images I was also struck with the thought of coloring it. I finally found an easy to use software same as adobe functions to paint the digital images.

Kim Junsu from Mozart. I created a blunder out of it. So, I decided better to stick with my hand made art until I have money. Once I will have money I will try to learn digital art well.

Kim Junsu from Mozart my finalization. But still as these were my very beginners try I hope you liked my work. I need your support to keep on working and creating more fan art.

When I was making kim Junsu.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[FAN ART] JYJ *KPOP* In Heaven Music Video Making Cartoon Chibi English Sub

Hi Friends,
As we all know that JYJ's In Heaven album has been released worldwide. Due to which, Star_Leng made some cartoon story on it. I liked that cartoon story so much that I recreated those cartoons on my own and made a video to share it with all of you. As the cartoons were in Chinese so I translated them too. Here see the video: JYJ In Heaven Music Video Eng Sub

I am sharing these pictures with you people too. I hope you all are going to love my work. I will like to say thanks to star_leng alot again because it was their idea which I recreated. Please do provide me with your feedback as this is my first chibi video on my second YouTube channel. If you like my work then please keep supporting.