Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DBSK/TVXQ Korean Drama First Love

Hi Friend,
Today I will be talking about DBSK's First Love Korean Drama. This is the first drama I ever saw of DBSK. I saw this drama a few weeks back. Unfortunately, I did not knew back then that DBSK/TVXQ is now a two members band. Well First Love is a must watch. It is so funny. In this korean drama U-know Yunho and Yoochun are starring, where Yunhoo is the hearthrob of the school and Yoochun is a sweet boy.
The drama starts when the girl falls from the bus into the arm of Yoochun. Uknow enters the drama afetr few seconds to beat the bad guys. The girl breaks the side mirror of U-know's bike by throwing basket ball towards him (as he asks for the ball). The girl runs after that and falls on the ground. In hurry she leaves her one shoe there and Yoochun picks it up. And THE FIRST LOVE starts.
I am not going to reveal the entire story but seriously I really loved the script. I would really recommend to watch this. This show is all about how Yunho and Yoochun try to get their ways to impress the girl. It has lots and lots of fun, action, romance and tragedy. It has all the elements of a good drama package.

Monday, June 27, 2011

I am Sad

Hello friends,
I recently started following DBSK/TVXQ a korean band and I am so heart broken to know that the group was broken a year ago. I am watching their mini dramas and they are so cool and hot together. I wish that they get back if it is possible.
I am a big kpop fan. I just wish that one day I get to marry a korean guy. I am so in love with their beauty. Even I am learning korean. And the reason I love kpop is Shinee. I love them all. I am a Shawol forever *fighting*