Monday, August 29, 2011

Sungkyunkwan Scandal Song Joong Ki Inspired Home Made Nail Art Stickers - 성균관 스캔들 송 이중 기 집에 영감 것은 아트 스티커 네일 제작

Nail Art is getting a lot of media focus these days. People are always more interested to create something on their own then running towards running to salons. So, I thought to do a tutorial on home made nail art stickers which can be of help.
Sungkyunkwan Scandal is my most favorite drama and the character of Song Joong Ki 'Yeorim' was my one of the favorite characters in the whole drama. So, I thought I should be proceeding my home made nail art sticker with that character.
You can use these stickers to put it up on your cell phones, or any other place you like. I hope you are going to love it. I am posting the link of the tutorial of the home made nail art sticker of Song Joong Ki.
Song Joong Ki Sticker Tutorial

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wanna Laugh makes you wanna cry a facebook virus " error myrar.exe "

Hi friends,
Today I am sharing something about a new virus which has been created to create problems with your facebook and may be also other webs too especially the anti-virus websites too.
Few days back I was online on my facebook account and suddenly I got a 'hi' message from my friend so I replied to it. Suddenly I got a message again saying 'Wanna laugh?' and when I replied to it I was sent a link: (currently this link has been copied by me from blogger 'cidalan')
When I opened this link what i saw was:
The fake flash player.

The comments to make you fool.

When I saw the website firstly, I was thinking that this might be virus but as the link was sent by my friend I trusted it foolishly and I tried to open the video but after reading the comments I thought to download the flash player. But, it was a fake flash player and I did not even noticed that I can even see pictures of the people. Anyhow, the virus was installed in my laptop. I came to know about it when one of my friends discussed her problem with me and at that time I was busted.
After 24 hours, my facebook was not opening but instead of that I was getting a white screen with "error myrar.exe" written. I knew that the virus has started working.

I think this virus is made to stop people using facebook or to attack facebook's business. All of us have our personal info and work on facebook due to which no one can tolerate such acts.
After searching a lot on it I just came to knew its a new virus and I could not found the cure. Reinstalling my browser successfully opened facebook but I was unable to open my Account Settings. If I logged in with any email id and password it was impossible to access Account Settings. This is what I got:

Well, when I was using chrome I got a message along with this window which was that there is some problem due to which some website is interfering or you can say it is redirecting to that website which is insecure act. I will not be displaying the name of that social networking website but it is a networking website.
After few hours my facebok started troubling I was unable to 'Write a note', Account Settings were not accessible, one of my albums was not viewing but I could see the picture in my tags and when I clicked on the picture I was unable to access that picture's folder.
My friends suggested me to deactivate my account so, I told one of my friend to change my password and then deactivate my account.
I even used anti virus but unfortunately, its not of much use. This virus can harm your computer. So next time I will be sharing its solution.
Till then please beware of this virus and never click on weird links, please confirm first completely.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial Playlist

Hi friends,
This is Pinkpuff Princess :)

Today I will be talking about my nail art tutorial list. I have seen many times that my viewers find it a bit difficult to look for my all tutorials in one place. I am sharing the link where you can find all my old to current tutorials (and the list is upgraded everyday) :
This list includes nail art techniques, tips and tutorials.
I hope that my tutorials are helpful to you. Please keep viewing my all videos.

Requests and feedbacks are most welcome.