Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nail Art Product Review: Acrylic 3D Mold Review from ""

Hi Royales,
Today I will be talking about 3d Molds. I have already done a tutorial on it in which I am discussing different methods, techniques related to it and will be reviewing the product in detail. Last time I held a small giveaway for all of you. Please remember it is still available till 31st of december 2011. As I am enjoying the discounted shopping you can too. The best thing about this website is  that you get discount one way or the other plus shipping is free worldwide and the website is a trusted one. Even in countries like Pakistan you can enjoy the services at best prices.

This 3D mold's packet has a small instructional picture tutorial. So, those who will be using the product for the first time don't get confused. Though it is not a clear one so I did a detailed video on it.

This mold is transparent and made of flexible material. The material quality is durable as I have examined it so far. It's small size makes it easy to carry. This product is a time and product quantity saving product. For beginner in nail art to nail technicians, for other people who want small art pieces on their mobile phones, cupboards and gifts, etc.
The reason this mold is transparent is  to see whether the solution has approached in all the places required or not. If you do not own acrylic liquid and powder and it is not available at your place easily then you can visit any art and craft shop and buy ceramics. It is easily available everywhere and has an easy method to use it. People also use clay and other materials as respective their occupation requirement.
You can even paint your art pieces according to your requirement and choices. This mold has 5 designs like every mold. It consists of 2 different designs and each design is flexible enough to fit your all five fingers as the manufacturers have focused the size of nails keenly.
For all the 3D Nail Art lovers and nail pros as well now do not need to work on detailing your 3D work when we have the facility of this satisfactory tool. 
In the end I will just give my remarks: A satisfactory, usefully convenient, material and time saving product.
I did not got paid to do this review. These are originally my honest thoughts about it. All people out there who have or will use it will agree with my words I am sure.
Till we talk again please take care of urselves and keep supporting me!
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

KPOP / KDrama Nail Art: Iljimae 일지매 Korean Drama 2008 Inspired

Iljimae is a drama (Korean drama) which was on aired in 2008. It starred Lee Junki, Park Shi Hoo, Han Hyo Joo and other great actors. It was a good drama and I really enjoyed watching it so I thought to do a nail art inspired by this drama which later on I gifted to a friend of mine.
 I was already determined to use the black background as it showed the main theme of the drama. The silver glitter is the depiction of stars where as black background of night. 

 Iljimae used red titi flower's painting so I made red titi flowers and its tree's branches on almost every nail. The last nail has the word iljimae on it filled with red in it. You can depict it as paint or as blood as well.

 The house which you can see on the third nail has a very important role in the lead character's life. When Iljimae's father gets killed its night time so I think from the scene I took my inspiration from was indicating towards it. Moreover,there were many other events in the drama which took place in night

 The golden symbol painting on one of the nail is the inspiration I took from the childhood of Iljimae's character's head cap. Now describing the last nail, on the last nail you can see the figure of Iljimae which I painted in front of the moon. It is one of the most symbolizing scenes of the drama which depict the theme of the story. As Iljimae was a thief. I even made some titi branches along with titi flowers so that the theme which I am trying to symbolize should be there. 
As all of you have seen the pictures of the nail art I did and also about my inspirations so, now I am sharing the tutorial of this nail art for Lee Jun Ki, Park Shi Hoo and Iljimae drama lovers who want to have it on their nails.