Monday, July 25, 2011

파라다이스 목장 / Paradise Ranch 2011 Korean Drama Review (My Opinion)

Paradise Ranch, a Korean drama based on a novel. It is a romantic comedy although at some websites its genre is also mentioned as melodrama too.
In this drama Joo Sangwook, Max Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee will be having a love triangle. Joo Sangwook is playing the role of International Head of a incorporating company. He is a man who after meeting Lee Yeon Hee experiences happiness and becomes caring.
The drama overall was good but not that funny as I was expecting it to be.
The concept is good that two young people fall in love and divorce within 6 months after the marriage. After divorce one becomes a business conglomerate while the other gives up on her dreams of becoming a veterinarian. Drama takes place in Jeju Island. There are many sights and beauty explored of Jeju for foreigners like us can enjoy. The drama has twists with the exes reuniting and jealousy among all of them. You will get to see breakup's/divorce, exes and reunion in the drama. The drama is more based on Max and Lee Yeon Hee who meet after 6 years. As a viewer I was waiting for some romantic words or scenes between  both of them when Max is living in Lee Yeon Hee's house. Yes, jealousy was all along there! I was a bit disappointed as there were very few romantic scenes after they meet again. I wanted to see some good chemistry developing scenes after they meet.
Apart from the main leads other characters were not that much explored, this can be taken as a positive and negative comment as well. Dong Joo (Max) dates Jin Young (Yoo Ha Na) and dislikes Da Ji (Lee Yeon Hee) relation with her boyfriend Yunho. In the end Da Ji and Dong Joo get back together.
The past have been showed in few flash backs but there should have been more scenes of it in order to make things more clearer and interesting. While watching the drama you might also think that why were they divorced?There isn't any scene for it but a few dialogues. In the entire drama there are scenes when one after another person comes to know about both Da Ji and Dong Joo living together or about their weird relationship. The drama explores many good and bad phases of a horse life which is informative and unique as well. Da Ji takes care of horses and after the divorce she hasn;t dated any men but has worked harder for her family. She owns the Paradise Ranch. The twist comes when Dong Joo's company  buys land for resort in which the ranch is also included. Da Ji doesn't wants to give up on her ranch and her ex husband comes to help her and lives in her house to solve the problem for her. Both fight with each other a lot but even after 6 years they care for each other which is shown in the drama from time to time. Da Ji has weird hair and has no sense in clothing while Dong Joo is a stylish man with standards. Continuing with jealousy Dong Joo realizes that he still loves her even after the divorce which took place 6 years ago when they were teenagers. And there are lots of complications and restrictions for their reunion including the difficulties which Da Ji and Dong Joo face for the ranch.

It was a good drama and I liked it overall. I will like to use the word "Bright" for the drama as there have been shown many beautiful and colorful sights of Jeju. I will rate the drama as 7/10. And I will also recommend to all the people to watch it.
Off the record, Lee Yeon Hee seems to me as twin sister of GDragon of Big Bang.