Friday, February 3, 2012

Nail Art Dotting Tool: Product Review, Tutorial & its importance for Beginners to Professionals

Hello Royales,
Today I am reviewing a 5x2  way Nail Art dotting tool. I will be doing a complete product review with a short tutorial (in the video) and I will be discussing people that why or why not to have dotting tool? It's significance in a life of an amateur common person to a professional nail technician. I will be writing about alternatives tools too and will do a comparison as well.
For illustrations you can see my video:

It is a 5x2 way nail art dotting tool from costing $4.74 with free shipping worldwide. There are 5 dotting tools in a packet. All are of different sizes. 
It can: create hearts, flowers, other dotting patterns, swirl designs, water marbelling, zigzag designs, picking up rhinestones, applying glue at specific areas on nails and even a french manicure can be with it.
These dotting tool might look as if they are of glass but these are of plastic so there is no need to be afraid of it getting broken easily. This product is durable and will work for years. These dotting tools are really easy to use.
It's usefulness among nail art is 75%-80%.
It's price is nearly or less than a nail polish so I think one should get this rather than a new nail polish. It is a helpful tool because  when we do nail art though it might look pretty to us but when others see they might nag about our improper dots. For a perfect finish it is required. It has a great level of significance in life of an amateur common person because one create a perfect dot without any practice and give their nail art a professional look.
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